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Why Might You Need a Rewrite Online Tool Free?

text changerParaphrasing essays or any other kind of document for that matter is not something that comes easy for most people. Being able to completely reword what another person has said in a way that also changes the sentence structure is a difficult process and one that often leads to failure by either missing out important points or adding irrelevant material. Another problem that arises when paraphrasing anything is that of plagiarism, direct copying or poor citation are trademark examples and if even by accident will still likely lead to an ‘F’ grade at the very least. Rephrase tools online freely available can help to alleviate and eliminate many problems associated with paraphrasing and are a reliable way to ensuring any work you submit doesn’t get you in trouble.

There are rephrase tools online free and then there are rephrase tools online free! Ours falls into the second category which isn’t just a simple reworder like so many other services offer, with our paraphrase online tool you can be confident that the text you want rewording will be completely different but still retains the original meaning. This is why it has become so popular with many people now using our free rephrase a sentence online tool to receive the fast and reliable help that can easily be included into their essay.

How Our Paraphrase Online Tool Will Help You

reworderMuch different to many other online rephraser tools, our paraphrase online free tool is more than just a standard text changer. By either pasting in your desired text or writing it in manually, our rephrase sentence online generator will break down the sentence structure and completely change it and the words used while retaining all the key information. This will then be presented back to you in a way that makes sense and is easy to follow where so many other rewrite online tools will just offer a mishmash of words because it has only replaced them with synonyms. The English language is a very complex one with words having very different meanings in the context of how they are used so relying on synonyms often ends up with the meaning of something being changed completely. Our rephrase online generator also offers guaranteed uniqueness with a built in plagiarism check and will also edit the text to ensure no errors.

Professional Manual Paraphrasing Help Online

While our online word rephraser is available free for anyone to use, some people prefer to be able to carry out the exercise themselves but are just unsure of the way to go about it.

Even professional writers have a hard time trying to get their head around this exercise so our experts prepared for you paraphrasing help online and have put together some tips that can help you too:

  • Firstly and perhaps most importantly, read and reread the source material so that you completely understand what the writer is trying to say. Take notes being careful not to use any of the same words.
  • Break the task down into sizeable chunks. By this we mean don’t try paraphrasing more than one paragraph at a time unless you really understand the material.
  • Before you start writing, put the source material away and use your notes to rewrite the piece in your own words.
  • After each sentence or paragraph you have reworded, check it against the original to make sure that the sentence structure is different but also that the words have been completely changed.
  • It is always good to have a dictionary on hand to help with complicated or difficult words but don’t rely on a thesaurus. Just altering a few words for their synonyms can often lead to going off topic.
  • Once you have finished the whole process, read through and ensure it still includes the main argument and any key points the original author was trying to make.
  • Remember to include a proper citation of the work.
  • Proofread for mistakes.

The Writing Center at the University of North Carolina says that paraphrasing is best used when:

“You want to introduce a writer’s position, but his or her original words aren’t special enough to quote.

You are supporting a particular point and need to draw on a certain place in a text that supports your point—for example when one paragraph in a source is especially relevant. To present a writer’s view on a topic that differs from your position or that of another writer; you can then refute writer’s specific points in your own words after you paraphrase.”

Advantages to Using Our Professional Rephrase Tool Online Free

While trying to paraphrase your own work manually does have its merits, it can be a long drawn out process which could still end in disaster if you make even a small mistake with your wording. By using our free rewrite online generator or online rephrase tool, you can save yourself a lot of effort and with a deadline fast approaching, have almost instantaneous results that are guaranteed to be unique can help secure you the grades you may desperately need.

By using our rephrase tool online free, you can take advantage of:

  • Full availability around the clock
  • No money involved, just click and use
  • Uniqueness guaranteed with our built-in online plagiarism checker
  • Completely error free reworded text that doesn’t rely on synonyms
  • Absolute complete confidentiality, no need to create an account or login

For the best rephrase tool online free of charge that delivers high-quality paraphrasing and leaves all others behind, just click “order” and start enjoying our fast and reliable service!